Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge

1298 Illinois Route 3, Rockwood IL 62280 | 573.847.2333
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The Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge includes 7 divisions, on both sides of the river, between Valmeyer and Gorham, Illinois. During the flood of 1993 levees in the area were breached and have not been repaired, allowing the area to return to a floodplain forest habitat. Hunting is available, primarily for waterfowl and deer, according to state regulations. Scour holes, sloughs, and borrow ditches are naturally stocked during high river stages leading to excellent fishing opportunities for crappie and catfish in these areas as well as the main channel of the Mississippi. Hiking is available on refuge roads and a 2.5-mile trail in the Wilkinson Island division. The returning natural habitat makes this a great place to see migrating songbirds, waterfowl, and shorebirds.

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