General John A. Logan Museum

1613 Edith Street, Murphysboro IL 62966 | 618.684.3455
Southernmost Illinois

Follow General John A. Logan’s journey from his boyhood in Murphysboro, to commanding the Army of the Tennessee during the Civil War, and later, to his time as a United States Congressman. In 1868, while Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, Logan issued General Order No. 11. This designated May 30 as Decoration Day, which later became the U.S. holiday known as Memorial Day. The museum conveys Logan’s story through family memorabilia, photos, and items from the Civil War. Explore the area as you pass by the archaeological site of Logan’s birthplace, a print shop, the house of Samuel H. Dalton who served in the Union Navy, and two additional historic homes.

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